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SportyPal for Windows Mobile updated

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

SportyPal has been updated to version 1.0.7 for Windows Mobile users. Workout maps have been fixed and it’s recommended upgrading to 1.0.7 as you won’t be able to view you workout maps any more on previous versions. For running workouts, the pace will be displayed instead of your speed, but you can view the speed by selecting My Workouts>My Records.

Other fixes in the app are outlined below:

* Attempted to reduce memory usage. This should help users with high resolution devices like the Touch HD. We never experienced memory issues with our high-res devices, so make sure to let us know whether this works for you.
* Added yet another filter for erroneous coordinates.
* Fixed a bug that would cause user’s workouts to be uploaded to a bugged user.
* Hopefully fixed a bug that would cause the workout time to be displayed incorrectly on the website.
* SportyPal will no longer turn the screen off if the device is charging during a workout.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when new users would attempt to save a workout that doesn’t have enough valid points.
* Included several new user-made translations, including Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Bulgarian and Italian.
* SportyPal will no longer ask you to reenter your info when you reinstall the application.
* Fixed the numbers on the workout graph. The values displayed were incorrect if imperial units were selected.
* Fixed a crash that would occur when a user would attempt to push the left button while viewing a workout map.
* Fixed the profile screen so that not entering a value for inches (if the imperial unit system has been selected) will no longer cause an input error. Not entering a value for inches is now equivalent to entering a zero.
* Sped a few things up.
* Removed the “upload successful” message that appears box when you upload a workout immediately after it is finished and replaced it with a self-removing notification (like the rest of the uploads).
* Added a missing colon after “Units” in “My Profile”.
* SportyPal will now translate the “Register” caption that appears during device registration.

You can download SportyPal 1.0.7 here.

Sony Ericsson unveil “Experience packs” to enhance your Xperiance

Thursday, December 30th, 2010
Sony Ericsson have released three different experience packs, which are compatible with the Xperia range of handsets. The three packs are officially known as XP110, XP120 and XP130 but, have also been named the fitness experience pack, business experience pack and the design experience pack.
As the names suggest, the contents of the pack match the sort of experience you will get with the pack. In the Fitness pack, the Sony Ericsson LiveView device is the main product. Also included in the pack is a wristband and clip and the SportyPal Pro Android App. While the app and Live View will work on all the Android Xperia models, the wristband is only designed for the X10 Mini and Mini Pro.
The business pack is however compatible with all the Android Xperia models, including the X8, or any Android powered handset. Included in the pack is a lifetime license for Office Suite Pro and a 6 month license for WaveSecure. Also included is a VH700 bluetooth headset and micro USB charging cable.
The design pack has been designed for the X10 Mini. The fashion covers we recently saw for the X10 Mini in the UK are also available in this pack. As well as the three back plate covers, in the pack charms are included, as well as lanyards, style wallpapers and three apps, consisting of Celebrity Gossip, Chip Chick and Fashion News.
The experience packs appear to be available in Singapore and parts of Europe. Pricing is currently unknown however, it is expected that each pack will be a different price, based on the contents of the pack.

Xperia X1 can be your Pal during Sports workout

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009


An app for mobiles has been developed that allows users to track their performance with summarized information, map view and detailed graphics about their workout. The application, SportyPal allows you to track your performance on running, cycling, roller blading, walking and “freestyle”. SportyPal makes use of the built in GPS, making it compatible on any Windows Mobile device, not just the Xperia X1, as well as being available in Java format as long as the phone has GPS. To use SportyPal and track your performance, you need an account with SportyPal which can be set up very easily from the X1 by entering your email address and a password to use. Your performance data is uploaded to their website where you can track it and share your performance information. The stats include information on speed and distance, as well as your average speed. It can also calculate how many calories you’ve burned. Along with that, you can track where you did your workout with a Google map being available. The application is similar to Tracker, an app for Sony Ericsson phones that tracks your performance, but Tracker only supports running. Both of the apps are free to use, so it’s worth changing over to SportyPal. You can view SportyPal in action on the X1 below.